“Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” – Dorothy Bernard

This is the new parking pass that you will need to display in your car window if you use either of the two Powerhouse Gym parking lots. If you are a member at Powerhouse Gym, you are welcome to use the main lot. If you are NOT a member of Powerhouse gym you may NOT use the main lot but may use the overflow lot on the mauka side of Alu Like Building. Powerhouse Gym has been very generous to offer our members this parking benefit. Please pick up a sticker from us ASAP. They will begin towing cars on May 1st.

Today’s Workout:

“Where RU”
200m Run
Max reps of Push-ups
Max rounds and reps in 20 minutes
This a team-0f-2 workout – one partner runs while the other is doing push-ups. After running 200m, a tag is made and the partners switch. Two scores – Max Rounds & Max Reps