Contender – a competitor for a championship or high honor – Webster’s Definition
Contend – to strive in contest against difficulties – Webster’s Definition

We had 15 members participate in the 9am class.(2 snuck away before the photo) Popeye..I mean Grant had the fastest Rx time of 12:05. There is always a price to pay to be first;) Congratulations to all who completed today’s WOD.
For those members that did yesterday’s WOD and today’s, you will be able to figure out strengths and weaknesses. Which day had the faster time? Why? Give it some thought and post to comments.
As always, members can scale the workout to be appropriate. We suggested that new members or first-time guest choose a rep count of 20 instead of fifty.

Today’s Workout:

“Bottom Fifty”
50 Push-Press(m-45lbs/f-31lbs)
Circle Run(100m)
50 Good Mornings
Circle Run
50 Wall Ball(m-20lbs/f-12lbs)
Circle Run
50 Burpees
Circle Run
50 Double-Under Jump Rope
Circle Run