“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” –Colin Powell

I love getting testimonies of our members success. Enjoy.

Aloha Coach Kimo,

I just wanted to send an email of appreciation to you and the other Coaches for your outstanding programming in the room. Especially with the recent onslaught of a warm up WOD after the general warm up but before the main WOD, challenging as it is I feel this style of programming will create bigger leaps towards success in the room, and towards our fitness goals. This past Saturday I had my annual Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), which consists of two minutes of max push ups, followed by two minutes of max sit ups culminating in a two mile run for time. Each event is calculated into percentage points per a predefined age group and added up for a total score.In the past I’d spend countless hours training specifically for the dynamics(push ups and sit ups and running) of the apft only to yield mediocre results.Not to mention hours of my day lost running mile after mile, doing push up after push up and who knows how many sit ups I’ve done in preparation for the APFT yielding only depressing, barely passing results. However this time around I threw that idea out and put my faith into room programming, usually one hour a day for five days a week. I am proud to say that thanks to Hardass Fitness I am proud to announce that I was able to snatch up one of the highest apft scores within my Unit,when I usually am sitting in the barely passed group. All I can say is my apft success is proof that Hardass Fitness presents results, bottom line.



Sometimes CrossFitters get into a discussion about power output and stamina. Here is a wod to put both into play. We be scientist and you be lab rats. Okay that doesn’t sound too good. How about we be coaches and you be athletes. That’s better.=) Coaches always experiment on themselves first, so I guess that makes us first rats.

Today’s Workout:

Warm-Up Wod
5 Sit-Ups
5 Push-Ups
3 Twirlies
5 Overhead Squats
100m Run
3 rounds
“Mad Scientist”
Push-ups – 1 minute max reps
Rest – 1 minute
Toes to Bar – 1 minute max reps
Rest 1 minute
Using the 1 minute max reps scores:
divide your push-up by 2 must scale up 1 level
toes and hand push-ups = toes on 20″ box.
Knees and hands = Toes and Hands
multiply your toes to bar by 3
apply to following wod
x Push-Ups (scaled up 1 level)
x Toes to Wall
Max rounds in 15 minutes