“The things that allowed me to feel safe and trusting as kid had nothing to do with money or material advantage.” -Peter Buffet

Happy Birthday Courtney! Is Courtney 29 or is that her first birthday gift?(29 forever=)). Courtney’s birthday is 5-8-?, so we have 5 elements, 8 burpees and 5 rounds. Her and Jana always come in together so we made it a partner workout. Yes, Jana was her partner for her birthday workout and yes they crushed it!!

Workout of the Day:

“Day in Court”
29 Pull-Ups
29 Push-ups
29 Sit-Ups
29 Overhead Squats
8 Burpees
1 Circle Run (100m)
5 rounds
Teams of 2 – only one person can work at a time to collectively complete 29 reps of the four elements. First four elements can be done in any order and a denomination.
Both team members must complete 8 burpees each before started out on the run.
Both members must be back in the room to start the next round.