“Sacrificing to pay a price gives value to all things. The bigger the sacrifice, the higher the value.”

Maria wanted to do a repeat of last year’s birthday wod. This year she is able to do double-unders and regular(unbanded) pull-ups. Awesome improvement!! This workout seemed to go on forever, but very memorable. Maria comes from the Ironman triathlete background, so she is used to workouts that go on forever. Happy Birthday Maria! HAF loves you!!(not sure about your wod)

Workout of the Day:

“Complete Repeat – Maria’s Birthday Wod”
43 Burpee Buy-In (one time)
400m run
6 Power Cleans(m-135lbs/f-95lbs) floor to shoulders
17 Kettlebell Swings(m-53lbs/f-35lbs)
10 Pull-Ups
67 Double-Unders (sub: 167 single jump rope + a 30 second penalty)
9am Class 3-5 rounds
10am Class 7 rounds – 1 hour cap (yes..it is big saturday)