“Philosophy is common sense with big words.” –James Madison

This is the final draft of the Elyse Umeda Games shirt. They should be ready to purchase on Tuesday afternoon. Bring your cash, $20 for members, we want to make sure members get theirs before we take it up to LA.
Some of you may remember Coach Pat’s birthday wod from last year. We programmed it on a BIG SATURDAY it took many people 45 minutes to 75 minutes to complete. Well we still want to help Pat celebrate his birthday but this year we are making it a sprint. As you know in CrossFit, short doesn’t mean easy it just means not long. Happy Birthday Coach Pat!!
P.S. Coach Pat brought his paddling crew in on Sunday to do his Original Wod.

Workout of the Day:

“Quarter Von”
400m Run
25 Deadlifts(m-135lbs/f-95lbs)
25 Pull-Ups
25 Sit-Ups
25 Push-Ups
25 Squats
25 Burpees
400m Run