“The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms. Very often it does not know what to do with genius.” –Oliver Wendell Holmes

We always allow members to give us their love/hate list of items for their birthday workout. Chris said, “I absolutely refuse to do any more than 1 burpee on my birthday WOD. No double-under either! Make the rest suck as much as you want, but exnay on the burpees and double unders… ;)” We were happy to dish out this nasty burner as ordered. Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Workout of the Day:

“Chris H”
Wall Ball(m-20lbs to 10’/f-12lbs to 10′ or 16lbs to 9′)
Kettlebell Swings(m-53lbs/f-35lbs)
Dumbbell Push-Jerks(m-45lbs/f-30lbs)
max reps in 40 seconds
10 seconds – rest/transition
4 rounds