Courtney requested the deck of cards for her birthday workout, but we decided to put a new twist on the deck and make it a partner workout. Because partner workouts are always more fun and this was definitely a wild wod. Happy Birthday Courtney!!

Workout of the Day:

“The Wild Joker”
Partner workout
1st person flips card and that determines their color(red or black)
Start with squats. Then flip another card for lunges. The card color determines who has to do it
Perform required movement based on card value
Face cards = 10
Ace = 11
Resting partner is able to score in burpees while partner is performing movement
Team does movements in order regardless of which partner does it
squats to lunges to push-up to sit-up and then back to squats
one movement per card
Joker = 200m run = both people run
First person back from the run flips the card- this is now that person NEW color(red or black)
22 minute cap
Score = time to complete deck and number of burpees completed
if deck is not complete at 22 minutes. score is # of reps undone.