If you have never met Chris it is only because you have never come to the 6am class. He has been a regular in the early class for well over 2 years. Always great to see him every morning. Happy Birthday Chris!!

Workout of the Day:

Toes to Wall
Overhead Lunges(pvc)
Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull(m- 53lbs/f-35lbs)
Kettlebell Swings(m-44lbs/f-26lbs)
Overhead Squats(pvc)
4 rounds
There are up to 5 athletes teamed up for this workout. Do 5 reps for one element, then 29 for the next element. Athletes choice to rest after completing 5 reps or do burpees for score. Group rotates when all 29’s have completed their reps. Must do 10 second squat hold before eligible to score in burpees.