We feel honored to participate in this event. Thank you Kevin Napolean for joining us and sharing your words.

Workout of the Day:

31 Seconds of Silence
31 Front Squats
31 Dumbbell Push-Press
31 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
31 Box Jumps
31 GHD Sit-Ups
31 Burpees
400m Run
“Thirty-One Heroes”
8 Thrusters(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
6 Rope Climbs to 15′ or 12 Rope Climbs to 10′ or 24 Rope Climbs(ground to standing)
11 Box Jumps(m-30″/f-24″)
Partner runs 400m with weight plate(m-45lbs/f-25lbs)
As many rounds as possible as a team with 31 minutes