If you know Bill’s personality, he wanted a workout that would totally crush him and everybody and be unforgettable. So the coaches tweaked “Fight Gone Bad” and came up with “Kill Bill”.
Mission accomplished! Happy Birthday Bill!

Workout of the Day:

“Kill Bill”
1 minute at each element
Wall Ball(m-20lbs to 10’/f-14lbs to 9′)
Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull(m-70lbs/f-44lbs)
Double-Under Jump Rope
Kettlebell Swings(m-70lbs/f-44lbs)
Overhead Plate Carry(m-45lbs/f-25lbs) 100m*
Concept2 Rower – (calories)
*15 points for each completion of 100m Overhead Plate Carry
*10 points for completion of half(50m) of the Overhead Plate Carry
*0 points for non-attempt