Today’s workout involves stripping down a bar after the second run. Athletes were being creative to ensure the easiest way to lighten their barbell. It is a little ironic how we as athletes advocate increased work capacity yet still search for the most efficient ways to do less work.

Workout of the Day:

9am & 10am

“The Bar”

200m Run
25 Deadlifts(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
10 Back Squats(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
10 Power Cleans(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
10 Front Squats(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
200m Run
5 Thrusters(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
5 Power Snatch(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
5 Overhead Squats(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
25 Deadlifts(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
200m Run
12pm Advance Class

“Raise the Bar”
400m Run
50 Deadlifts(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
20 Back Squats(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
20 Power Cleans(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
20 Front Squats(m-155lbs/f-105lbs)
400m Run
10 Thrusters(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
10 Power Snatch(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
10 Overhead Squats(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
50 Deadlifts(m-115lbs/f-75lbs)
400m Run