Keiki Class practicing their push-press
Coach Pat was the first to break a barrier with a score of 4050lbs – Gas is winning!!

This workout gives a fair playing field for any athlete. The big and strong loaded up heavy deadlift bars  planning on doing 1 round per minute. Those with tons of gas lightened their bar and planned on doing 2 rounds each minute(or at least some of the minutes). All 10 push-ups have to be completed in order to claim the weight for that round. You can add or strip weight in any given round. Definitely a lot of strategizing went into each persons approach to this workout. What would you do? It was said at the 6am class that 4000lbs total for guys was not possible. What do you think?

Workout of the Day:

“Gas vs Load”
5 Deadlifts(Athlete’s Choice)
10 Push-Ups
At least 1 round every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
Score = Deadlift Weight multiplied by the number of rounds completed