After the 400m run, a total of 36 reps must be completed within 5 minutes. The number of reps displayed below are the minimum reps for each movement. Athletes can decide where to put the additional 16 reps. Athletes are free to change the denomination for each element each round.
There is a 40ft (down & back) shuttle run penalty for every uncompleted rep at the end of the workout.

Kalen’s birthday was at the beginning of May, however, he didn’t tell anyone and tried to avoid a celebratory workout. We still found out and wanted to help him celebrate his special day even if it was a month belated. Happy Birthday Kalen!!

Workout of the Day:

“Kalen’s Mix 36”
5 minute clock
400m Run
10 Deadlifts(m-185lbs/f-125lbs)
5 Box Jumps(m-24″/f-20″)
5 Wall Ball(m-20lbs to 10’/f-14lbs to 9′)
3 rounds