The mental toughness comes in with the thought of going unbroken for all 3 rounds. This workout has 90 reps total, same as Fran, but with a heavier load. Mental toughness is required with the hand-release deadlift. Many athletes could pull 9 straight at this weight, however, the hand-release at the bottom and then standing tall makes you want to pause and rest versus going straight back down and grabbing 3 more deadlifts. It is a physical and much more mental battle to push through the deadlifts.

Workout of the Day:

“Mental Toughness”
3 Power Cleans(185/125)
6 Front Squats(185/125)
9 Deadlifts(3 sets of 3)(185/125) Must do a hand-release and stand tall every 3 reps. (no drops)
12 Pull-Ups
3 rounds