“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” -Reverend Larry Lorenzoni

Cheyne did her Birthday workout today at the 12noon class and coached the 3pm class. She put together the workout herself so all who got their ass kicked can thank her. In her defense she did put in “toes to bar” OR “ring dips”. The need was felt to flick that little useless word out. I have always liked the word “and” much better. =) Definitely a memorable WOD for all that participated.

Today’s Workout:

31 Double-Under Jump Rope(x5 for singles)
31 Overhead Squats(m-75lbs/f-51lbs)
31 Pull-Ups
31 Racked Lunges(m-75lbs/f-51lbs)
31 Toes to Bar
31 Ring Dips
31 Double-Under Jump Rope
5 Burpees every 2 minutes throughout the workout